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Frequently asked Questions

To whom it may concern

How do I purchase an NFT?

This very simple indeed, you just have to follow the links on the website to OpenSea an American online non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Make yourself an account if you haven't already got one and just select the piece you adore the most.

How does the shipping process work?

We ship internationally to any destination of your desire. Once you get an offer for your selected piece, we will provide you with a shipping offer by our partner transport company, Kunsttrans. To find out more about the shipping process visit our Shipping page.


Is the shipping insured?

Every piece is individually packaged with all necessities. Of course every shipment is insured, at highest standards, through our shipping partner, Kunsttrans.


Is the Artwork protected from UV radiation?

All pieces are coated with a layer of special varnish to protect it from fading and UV radiation.

If you choose to get an individually made frame from us, the piece will be sealed airtight from the back and the highest quality gallery glass will protect the work additionally.


How does the payment process work?

Once you accept an offer for your selected piece you can choose to pay through our secured payment panel with your desired method.


Can I get a printed copy of the Artwork?

All pieces are unique and only available in the original form. No printed versions will be available right now. However there will be limited edition, special prints available once announced.


What if the piece I like is sold already?

Your desired piece is already sold? No worries just visit the Custom Made page and chat with the artist to get an individually crafted piece of art just for you.


Is the Artwork ready to hang?

If you decide to order your piece with an individually made frame, it will come with proper hanging options. So once your piece arrives, it is ready to hang wherever you would love to.



Are customs fees included?

No such fees will be included in the price, and for international shipping you will have to get in touch with customs, but our partner transport company, Kunsttrans, will be happy to assist you during this process.

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